Road Trip Kit for Kids

Road Trip Survival Kits

For a trip across town or across'll want Road Trip Survival Kit in your glove compartment.

Make traveling with the kids entertaining and educational as they learn while they play with Road Trip Survival Kit.

  • For a trip across town or America
  • Entertains kids for hours with music and stories
  • Offers games, puzzles, mind teasers, stories and song lyrics
  • Teaches kids about travel tips, safety and signs on the road
  • Makes parents happy
  • Keeps kids entertained
  • Helps kids learn while they play

This 24 page colorfully illustrated book and audio cassette entertains parents and kids for hours as they sing songs, hear stories, learn sign language, play games, read maps and search for road signs. Don't leave home without it.

  • 24 pages of colorfully illustrated stories, songs, games, puzzles and more

  • Great travel size (7 3/8 x 8 1/4) fits in backpacks, glove compartments, Mom's briefcase or Dad's gym bag
  • Permanent place in book for cassette storage (no more lost or mismatched books and tapes)
  • Hard cover book will survive many road trips
  • Colorful wire-o binding
  • 30 minutes of music and stories to hear as you follow along in the book
  • Book and music do not have to be read and heard together

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Christmas Road Trip Survival Kit available online at the following: